Three Things To Do Before Taking Your Side Hustle Full Time

Lately so many photographers have been sharing with me their dreams of going full-time, and personally I think that’s wonderful.  I think if you are a passionate about something, you should run after it with everything you have.  That being said, I also believe there is a smart way to go about it.  So today I am sharing three things you should do before taking your side hustle full-time.

  1. Buy All Your Gear – Before diving full force into full-time photography, make sure all your gear is paid off.  Before jumping into full-time wedding photography I made sure I had every single piece of gear I needed to shoot weddings (this includes back up cameras), so I wouldn’t be investing money back into expensive gear during my first few years of going full-time.
  2. Have 3-6 Months Worth of Savings – Or honestly, whatever number you feel comfortable with.  Before diving into wedding photography full-time, I made sure I had 6 months worth of savings in the bank so I knew I’d be OK if things were slow to roll the first few months.  Ideally once I made the plunge I gave myself 4 months to hustle hard and if I couldn’t meet my financial income than it was back to a cubical I went.  (Luckily though, that never happened).
  3. Have Experience –  Out of every tip today let this be the tip that sinks in.  Before going full-time, have experience under your belt.  I see so many people jumping into photography FULL TIME with little to no experience and then struggling to make ends meet.  Don’t let that be you.  You don’t go jumping into the ocean until you learn to swim right?  Learn your trade first.  Take time. Practice. Intern. BUILD A REPUTATION, and then take the plunge.  I don’t think you need a million years of experience, but enough to know what you are doing in various situations, and enough to have built and established a reputation in your city/town so people KNOW WHAT YOU DO.


If you are considering going full-time, I’d highly consider these tips if you want to dive into this business successfully + without an ever-growing amount of stress.

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