3 Ways To Save Big And Still Have Your Dream Wedding 



Newly engaged and want some wedding budget saving tips? Today I’m giving you three tips on how to save big on still have your dream wedding.
  1. Opt Out Of A Saturday –  Did you know that some venues offer a slight discount if you get married on a weekday (and some even of a Friday or Sunday)?  In the wedding industry, Saturdays are THE prime day of the week to get married, so every once in a while if you opt for a day of the week that’s not so popular, you may be able to save some serious $$.
  2. Lower Your Guest Count –  Rather than cut down the quality of your event, take a moment to look over your guest list.  Are you sacrificing what you really want for someone you’ve barely kept in touch with over the past five years?  If the answer is yes, then maybe it’s time to revisit your tentative guest list and bring down you guest count.  While it’s important to celebrate your day with those you love most, that doesn’t mean you are obligated to invite everyone, as the individual guest cost adds up quick (i.e. invitation, menu, table place setting, meal, appetizer count, seating, dessert, beverage, favor).
  3. Opt for Off Season –  Every destination has an off-season and if you’re looking for ways to save some money, it’s in your best interest to find out what that time frame is for the location you want to get married at.  Sometimes wedding venues and even vendors offer a small discount on pricing during their off-season.  While this isn’t the case for every vendor, it doesn’t hurt to ask!

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3 Ways To Save Big And Still Have Your Dream Wedding 


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