Touchet Washington Engagement at The Twin Sisters | Emily + Tyler



Emily and Tyler were in the same grade but ran in different circles at Richland High School.  If you asked them, they’d tell you they were friendly acquaintances during that time, at best – but simply nothing more.  Post high school Emily and Tyler went in separate directions, but ran into one another one fateful day after Tyler moved back to the Tri-Cities.  Since that time these two have been separable since their first date.

I honest had such a blast with Emily and Tyler for their Touchet Washington engagement session at the Twin Sisters.  These two are honestly SO FUN and genuinely happy people, which just makes engagement sessions that much more joy-filled.  Despite getting eaten alive by 89308402 mosquitos we had an absolute blast! 

Emily and Tyler I am genuinely so excited for the big day next year at Swiftwater Cellars!  Thank you both so much for making your engagement photos such a dream!

Engagement and Couple Photos



Touchet Washington Engagement at The Twin Sisters | Emily + Tyler


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