Wedding Advice from Real Brides and What They’d Do Differently

Everyone seems to have wedding advice these days! Heck if you’ve browsed our blog posts you’ll find we’ve got wedding advice for a wide range of topics, too. From first look ideas to unplugged ceremonies we try our best to set you up for success.   That being said, some of the best wedding advice you’ll ever receive is from past brides because they have already walked in your shoes.  Below is a few of their best pieces of advice, as well as what they’d do differently: 

Wedding Advice From Past Brides:

“It’s YOUR day and it can be anything you want. You don’t have to have an equal number of attendees, and you can have little or as many as you want because its your day. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to throw an amazing wedding because it’s not about the stuff it’s about you! I could go on and on! ” – Courtney Riley

“Know exactly what you don’t want and do not back down.  If things aren’t perfect it shouldn’t ruin the experience.” – Richelle Williams

“Don’t let family members dissuade you from your vision, and if they want a say, they should get married.  And if they’re already married, then they can renew their vows. Remember that the ceremony is the reason you’re there (the union itself) and it is what’s important-not the trending wedding theme/dance/colors/fad on social media. It’s not a contest.” – Jessi Hendricks

“As a bride: Literally don’t back down from your decisions and don’t let others influence you on what to do. You want a certain venue? Book it. Don’t let people “oh it’s too far” stop you from your dream destination. You want your bridesmaids in a certain look? Don’t back down. It’s YOUR DAY! You’re the one paying for all of this, so you might as well get your moneys worth of it.” – Hannah Shemali

“Don’t be afraid to take your time! Wedding planning is stressful enough especially when you’re on a tight schedule.  Having at least a year (or even two!) to plan not only gives you more choices in dress, venue, photog, etc, but also gives you just that much more time to figure out all the little details.” – Jamie Lynn Turner

“Stand up for yourself and make it YOUR day, no regrets.” – Jamie Adams 

“Always cushion your timeline.” – Alessia Rale 

Hire a wedding planner and invest in a good photographer.” – Stefanie Dodson 

“When picking anything wedding related, always go with your gut decision. It’s 98% right.” – Corrin Jasinski

“Want good wedding advice? Spend the extra money on an amazing photographer and don’t apologize for it.” – Liza Rogers 

“Spend money on photographers and videographers.” – Katie Rogers

“Work with your photographer to come up with a realistic wedding day timline.”  – Veronica Andersen

Day of coordinator is a must because it helps the day go smoothly.”  – Selena Thiel 

“Keep in mind it’s YOUR day and you should choose the dress YOU want, the venue/vendors YOU want.” – Leslie Moreno 

“Spend less in other areas so you can budget for a wedding planner and never feel bad for it.” – Suzanne Brasker 

Invest most in the photographer, as photos is all you’ll have when the wedding is over. That’s the best piece of wedding advice I have” – Madison Paige 

“Don’t settle, and honestly this sounds like a no brainer, but there are so many opinions surrounding you, that it’s easy to be influenced.  Looking back, I fee like I settled on my dress because I felt pressured by mom mom and aunt to shop when I wasn’t ready.” – Kati


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Wedding Advice from Real Brides and What They’d Do Differently


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