What is a Bouquet Renewal and Why You Need One

Today I’m here to explain about what a bouquet renewal is and why you need one.

So to start, what is a bouquet renewal?

A bouquet renewal is for the already married couple who wants professional photos with a beautiful floral arrangement by Simplified Celebrations.   Could this be categorized as an anniversary session? Sure. Does it have to be an anniversary session? Absolutely not.

Renewal…so do I have to wear my wedding dress?

Absolutely not.  While these sessions are a bit more formal than a typical engagement, you are free to where whatever dress or more formal attire suits you best.  That being said if you want to wear your wedding dress or some type of bridal gown that is entirely up to you + more than welcome.

Who is a bouquet renewal for?

So often we hear from already married clients “I wish I hired you to do my flowers, or shoot my photos.” Well my friend, we heard you + we’ve found a way to serve you!  Maybe you weren’t happy with the quality of your photos during your wedding, maybe you didn’t have the budget for it at the time, or maybe you’ve physically changed and want a do over in front of the lens – whatever the case may be a bouquet renewal is for the couple who wants updated photographs of their love story, with a more formal twist.

When are these taking place?

We’ll be offering bouquet renewals on select weekday dates all year long.  Currently were booking out three months in advance.  To inquire + gain more information please go HERE.

Where are these sessions taking place?

These sessions will take place at the location of your choice, anywhere within a 60 mile radius of Tri-Cities, WA.  If you wish to take this on the road, we’d be more than happy to accommodate at the location of your choice but a travel fee will be attached to the overall price.

If I recently got married…could I still purchase one?

Abso-freaking-lutely!  Many times Simplified Celebrations + I are already booked on prospective clients dates, so this would be a perfect opportunity to snag us for your bridal portraits.

Do I have to be married to purchase this?

No.  While are most common client is married, it is not required that you are married.

Could I get an album or prints of this session?

Yes. Most definitely. Professional prints + albums are offered in your gallery.  So you can order to your hearts content!

Why is this important?

We believe that bouquet renewals are important, because it’s a great way to celebrate your marriage and reflect on how your relationship has grown deeper over time, regardless of how long you’ve been married.  While your wedding photographs will always hold a special place in your heart, there is something so beautiful about documenting your love as it’s evolved over time.  It’s your physical legacy + we believe that documenting your love story shouldn’t end on your wedding day – rather it should just begin.

Sold? Good!  Click here to inquire + get yourself some more information! 


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