What To Do If Your Photographer Isn’t Communicating With You Before The Wedding

I’ve decided to do a two parter series on wedding photography communication.  Aka – What to do if you are a bride and run into an unresponsive photographer.  Today I’m going to cover what to do if you are in this scenario before the wedding.

Steps To Take Before The Wedding 

  1. Reach Out + Remain Calm – If you’ve sent an email off to your photographer and haven’t heard back, don’t fret.  It’s important to keep in mind that wedding photographers are working with a multitude of clients all throughout the year. If your photographer hasn’t responded back quickly, it doesn’t mean that they are a dud, it may just be a busy time. Give them grace, and follow up if you haven’t heard back in over 4-5 business days.
  2. Email #2 – If a week has passed by- try reaching out again. Approach your wedding photographer kindly and let them know you are following up on your question. 
  3. Phone Call or Text – If another week has gone by, it’s time to call. Let them know you are not comfortable waiting this long to hear back from them.
  4. Deliver an Ultimatum – If you’ve tried the first three steps and still haven’t heard back, it’s time for the ultimatum.  It’s important to remember to not let your emotions dictate the tone of your email.  Keep things polite but professional saying something like “Hey ____.  We’ve tried three attempts over the span of four weeks to get a hold of you and through different mediums of communication that have warranted no response.  If we don’t hear back from you regarding this question in two days we’re going to proceed with canceling our contract and finding another photographer for the job, as we are uncomfortable with waiting this long to hear back from you.”  On this note familiarize yourself with their contract (something you definitely should have) and their cancellation policy + begin your hunt for another photographer


To end, the number one thing you should be looking for from a photographer (after style + personality) is a timeline of what to expect from this experience.  Aka – When you should expect your photos back? Does your photographer help you plot out things before hand? If so – when should you expect to hear from them?  You should never have to question when things are coming because you should already know well in advance.  Be a smart client + make sure these things are covered will before you ever sign on the dotted line + also be a thorough client + make sure to read the material provided to you before asking a question that your photographers already answered.



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What To Do If Your Photographer Isn’t Communicating With You Before The Wedding


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