What To Do If Your Wedding Is Affected By The Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dear Bride To Be,


Before I even begin, I first just want to say take a deep breath.  Things are all going to be ok!  I want to start off this blog post by acknowledging your stress and letting you know you have every right to feel the way you do.  Confused. Frustrated. Hurt. Sad. Stressed. Overwhelmed. All of it.  You’ve been planning this day for so long (which is already stressful enough) & now add a world wide pandemic on top of it?  No matter what anyone says, please know it’s not selfish to feel bad, it’s valid. SO DANG VALID. But you know what? You’re going to get through this.  You and the love of your life? Yep you’ll still get married! And let me tell you it’s going to be amazing.  But right now, you’re stuck in the in-between of not knowing when and how, and that can be rough.  You’re questioning things like, should you move forward with your wedding? Should you postpone or cancel? How exactly do you postpone & what are the steps you should take? How do you tell your guests?  All these questions are racing through your mind – and I’m here to try my best to help guide you through them.  I do want to note before diving in, that this is simply my opinion. So… HERE WE GO:



As a wedding professional & understanding human I highly recommend POSTPONING over CANCELING. The reason I say this is two fold.  One, as you look back on your wedding contracts you’ll find that most of your vendors have a non-refundable retainer clause or phrase written somewhere in the document.  This non-fundable retainer holds your spot in your vendors calendar, meaning they have turned down business in order to hold your spot in their calendar.  If you select to cancel your wedding, you will lose your non-refundable retainer and legally cannot get it back.  The good news? Most wedding vendors are willing to work with you in order to reschedule your date, with many waving rebooking fees in order to best accommodate you due to this unfortunate historic pandemic.  So rather than be out all that money, it’s best to postpone to another date in 2020 or even 2021.  The second reason? You have already done the work in securing your vendors & planning for this day, canceling would put you back at square one…with a heavy loss to your pocketbook.


If your date currently falls within the 8-10 weeks time span, yes you should most definitely adhere to the guidelines.  While your wedding is most definitely an important day, it is not worth putting your family, friends, and vendors health at risk.

If your date falls outside the 8-10 week time span, I wouldn’t stress just yet.  While you don’t have to live by the news, keep an eye out every week to see how the situation has unfolded.  Vendors are currently working with weddings that fall within the 8-10 week time span, so unless your on the cusp of that time, it’s best to remain patient.  If you are worried and/or nervous, consult with your planner and voice your concerns.  Your wedding vendors are here to work with you, but it’s best to remain flexible and patience as many of your vendors are currently working with couples that fall within the 8 week time frame first.

Have no fear, I got you boo! Go ahead and swipe my template response below if you have selected to postpone your wedding & need to let your vendors know:


“Hi ____


I hope you are doing well under these current circumstances!  As you know we are scheduled to get married on [INSERT DAY OF BOOKED WEDDING DATE]. Due to everything currently going on with COVID-19,  [INSERT FIANCES NAME} and I have made the decision to postpone our wedding.  We value the safety of our family, friends, and vendors and do not want to jeopardize anyones lives for a day that can be rescheduled. 


We have both sat down and taken the time to review your contract.  We understand your rebooking fee is XXX and were wondering if you would be open to waiving this fee due to our current situation.  [INSERT FIANCES NAME] and I have attached a list of alternative wedding dates that we’ve discussed below, but are also very open to any dates you might have available as well!  


We look forward to hearing from you & thank you for your grace and understanding during this confusing time!


XX & XX 




    1. Update Your Wedding Website – As soon as you picked out a new date & time.  Update your wedding website.  If you don’t have one, it’s not too late now is the time to get one!  Hit up The Knot and/or Zola and input all the new information.
    2. Contact Your Wedding Guests Digitally – Send an email to your guests to let them know to refer to the website.  Rather than spending hours copying and pasting the same text, save some time and swipe this beautiful FORM from calligrapher pro Carly Allred to do it quickly!  Also consider making a Facebook Group or Facebook Event to let your guests stay up to date on information as well.




It’s important to keep calm, cool and collected during this time.  It’s also very important to ensure you are speaking to your vendors with grace and understanding.  While this time is very difficult for you, it’s also very difficult for your wedding vendors, as they are navigating a scenario that has never happened before.  The key to keeping your vendors and having the event you planned on is to remain flexible and work with them not against them.  If a vendor just won’t be flexible, refer to your contract with them to understand the terms of the agreement you signed.  Unfortunately you might lose your retainer, or in some cases the entire payment, or you might not lose anything. It’s my personal opinion only, that all vendors should try their hardest to be as flexible as they can during this time.   




  1. Sit down with your fiancé and read over your wedding contracts as well as discuss possible alternative wedding dates to present to your vendors. Be open to possibly moving your wedding to a Friday or Sunday, off-season dates, or even 2021 dates.  Gather a list of options, but also remain flexible with what your wedding vendors present to you.
  2. Use that email template file above and contact your wedding venue and wedding planner (if you have one) first. Together come up with a list of various date options that you can present to your other vendors.
  3. Contact Vendors With A List Of Possible Dates – Contact your wedding vendors using the email template file OR work with your wedding planners protocol on moving forward in contacting vendors. If you have a few vendors who just can’t make it work – chat with them about other possibilities.  If they are a photographer or videographer, DJ, or officiant, do they have an associate?  It’s imperative to remain graceful and flexible & remember that your vendors truly don’t want to lose you or your business!
  4. Pick a date that works for everyone & inform your guests of your new date by updating your wedding website, emailing your guests or starting a Facebook Group.
  5. Ensure all your contracts have been updated with your new date to protect both you & your vendors.
  6. Take a deep breath, everything will be ok! Pour yourself a glass of wine with your fiancé and know that you did the right thing by taking care of your guests.  You’re still going to get married & things are going to be amazing!



To end, it’s best to keep in mind this too shall pass.  You will get married to the love of your life. Maybe it wasn’t exactly how you planned it, where you planned it, or when you planned it…but nevertheless you’ll still get married.  Hang in there my friend, it will all be okay.



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