Why 90% Of Our Couples Opt For A First Look On Their Wedding Day

If you’re here you’re probably wondering if you should consider doing a first look on your wedding day.  As a wedding photographer I have found that couples that opt to do a first-look are genuinely less stressed and usually enjoy the wedding experience more than those who wait until the ceremony.  While there are many reasons why that is, I’ll be focusing on the four core reasons why a first look is something you should consider.

Eases the nerves

The hours before your wedding will be filled with anticipation.  You are not only trying to make sure he doesn’t catch a glimpse of you, but you’re also wondering what that moment will be like when you first see one another.  Will he like my dress? Is he going to cry? How will he react when I read my vows to him?  So many questions are left up in the air, until that moment happens – so why drag it out? When you do a first-look all that anxiety washes away the moment you see one another and you can truly enjoy that day together.

You Can Mingle During Cocktail Hour

Selecting to do a first look allows for you both to get all your formal portraits (couple, bridal party, and family photos) done prior to the ceremony.  This means that once the ceremony is over and you’ve signed your marriage license, you can go straight into cocktail hour and enjoy mingling with your friends and family.  By not selecting to do a first-look, you will miss the entirety of your cocktail-hour as that will be the time designated for formal portraits.

Allows for more couple photographs

If you were hoping for a wide variety of couple photos then make sure you prioritize a first look.  Often couples who don’t have a first look skip sunset photos because they have missed time spent mingling after the ceremony.  This is so unfortunate because sunset photographs are often our couples favorite photos and are usually the ones that hang on their walls.  When couples choose to do a first look they are usually more than happy to sneak off for a several minutes as they’ve had the chance to chat with their guests.  Not only do they have sunset photos, but they also have photographs from earlier in the day (when hair and makeup were just finished & lighting was different) giving them a wider variety of photo options.

Provides The Only Private Time Throughout The Day

A first-look is one of the only times throughout the day that you are truly by yourselves (minus your camera crew that is).  It’s a moment where you can be fully present with one another and express your feelings without an audience.  You can read your vows, share gifts, or just take in the moment to be alone.  Finding private time after the ceremony is not as easy as guests are vying for your time and attention.

In conclusion, this day only happens once.  If you really want to maximize the time you spend with your significant other and your guests while also getting more photographs and truly enjoying the event you paid for, I highly recommend considering a first look.  I promise you it won’t take anything away from the moment your significant other sees you walking down the aisle, and will instead alleviate any stress you have prior to the ceremony.

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