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Why I Rebranded

To be quite honest with you, I hesitated on putting “rebrand” in the title of this post because I’m so over that word.  Everyone is rebranding, reworking, and rewiring themselves these days, and while it’s always good to improve; reinventing yourself every 6 months to a year doesn’t signal growth to me, it signals a problem.  So for the sake of this blogpost, let’s just say, “relaunched’ because that’s all I really did. My brand is still the same except it now comes with a few more bells and whistles, and a more solid direction.  Nothing is wrong, in fact it’s never been better.   

So what’s with the re-launch? Why did I do it? And why did I do it now?  For starters, I’ve always intended on investing in my website when the time was right for me.  You see running a business isn’t cheap, and every time a potential purchase falls in my lap I have to ask myself if it is a need or a desire.  For the past four years, investing into my education (workshops and mentorships) alongside equipment upgrades and personal marketing material was a need, and the sleek website was a desire. 

In my mind, it was more important for me to invest in my trade, in order to ensure my clients were getting a quality product, because you can’t build a house without a solid foundation.  It took me four years, but in November of 2017, I finally felt like I had reached a point where I finally felt confident, and was now ready to appease my website desire.  What I didn’t realize when I started the design process, was that this ‘relaunch’ was the furthest thing from a desire.  Instead, it was an actual need. 

Two months ago I sat in front of my screen and started copying and pasting my about me. “Adventurous, raw, and real,” we’re adjectives that kept popping up on my old site, and as I started to reread these words on my new site, something felt off.  So, I took the weekend off from reworking it, only to find myself at the same crossroads two days later.  Stumped, annoyed, and low on diet dr. pepper, I mentally gave up and started to browse Instagram.  I found myself looking through the explore tab, clicking on other photographers only to see the same adjectives leap out towards me, and in that moment it hit me.  The reason I was having a difficult time copying and pasting my old about me to the new site was because it literally sounded like everybody else. In a sea of a thousand photographers, I sounded exactly like the girl on the boat next to me, and it made me stop in my tracks.   One because I didn’t want to be like everyone else, and two because, I actually, was no longer that person.  

Now, now, don’t get me wrong my friend, do I still love adventure? Absolutely.  Would I still shoot a wedding in Hawaii or Paris or TimbuckTwo? You betch-ya, but what I realized that day after doing some serious business soul searching, was that the work I was most proud of, didn’t happen in a foreign land, but rather right here at home.  

For the past four years, I’ve been advertising myself as an adventurous photographer.  Please hear me when I say there is nothing wrong with being an adventurous photographer.  Some of the best people I know are adventurous photographers and they dominate their field every single day.  What I realized was that the term adventurous was no longer synonymous with my brand or my heart.  When curating through my portfolio for this site, I found that the images that really struck a chord with me, were ones that combined gorgeous light and a whole lot of love and emotion.  They were the images of clients who were incredibly romantic and who fully trusted me to make magic with them.  It didn’t matter if their sessions or weddings happened in Cabo or in a backyard in Kennewick, what mattered most was their connection with one another, their trust in me to do my job, and most importantly their story.  

My point in writing this god-awfully long blog post wasn’t to brag about my shiny new website, but to instead let you in on where my heart is in 2018 and why this ‘relaunch’ came at the perfect time.  While traveling will always be in my blood, and will still be apart of my brand, it is no longer the focus.  Instead my focus is connecting with couples who believe in my work and are in fact, incredibly romantic at heart.  It’s only about the mountain tops or Paris when they make sense in your story, not what looks good on my Instagram, because it isn’t about me, it’s about YOU.   It’s not just saying the word authentic, but really being it.  It’s also sharing my own personal stories with you along the journey, so you actually know the girl behind the lens before you hit the contact button.  It’s about building something greater than myself, it’s about leaving a legacy for you, and leaving a legacy for me.   

Cheers to a beautiful 2018 with a whole lot of new stories to tell. 

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