Why Wedding Photography Is Worth The Investment

Chances are you are recently engaged and have begun your search for a wedding photographer.  As you’ve browsed website to website, you keep seeing the word ‘investment’ time and time again.  And maybe, just maybe you are thinking to yourself… Investment? Why? They are just photos….

Today I want to break down the reason why wedding photography is an investment, and why it’s worth investing into.

  1. It’s not just photos – It’s your legacy – Your wedding photographs should not simply be an excuse for a new instagram picture or facebook header.  While many of these photos will live online in galleries or on social media platforms, majority of our clients print their photographs to hang on their walls, or purchase albums to showcase on their coffee tables.  Their wedding images are more than just new photographs, they are an integral part of their love story that they will share with family, friends, and their future children.  These images not only showcase their love, but also the blending of two families.  While  cars, clothes, and other tangible items serve a purpose – do they tell your story?  Your memories, your legacy…my friends…that’s worth spending money on, investing in, because this is your story, and your story only happens once.
  2. It’s not an every day occurrence – It only happens once – Unlike other seasons of life, your wedding only happens once.   Chances are you’ve invested in to the dress of your dreams alongside other details that will help showcase this once in a lifetime event.  While it’s beautiful to spend money into making your day memorable, what happens if the photographer you hired did not capture it well?   Think about it.  Why spend thousands of dollars on details, only to not love the pictures of it?  By making an investment into a skilled photographer who’s style you adore, you’ll be able to look back on your imagery with fondness in your heart, rather than regret.
  3. It shouldn’t be stressful – it should be joyful – It’s often been said that we associate pictures with how we feel in the moment.  When you look back on your photographs you want to feel joyful, not stressed or uncomfortable.  Am I right?  When you take the time to invest into a professional photographer, they will take it upon themselves to do everything they can to make you feel comfortable, joyful, and at ease because they have been trained to do so.

So if you’ve got a low budget for wedding photographs, I highly encourage you to rethink your decision and invest a little more into your love story.  I promise you, you’ll be happy you did.


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Why Wedding Photography Is Worth The Investment


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