Should You Do A First Look On Your Wedding Day?

One of the questions I often get asked is if couples should do a first look on their wedding day.  In my opinion, the answer is always yes and today I am sharing with four reasons why you should consider a first look for your wedding day.

  1. Eases The Nerves – All couples are a bit anxious the morning of their wedding, yet this seems to fade the minute they see their spouse.  Rather than be anxious up to the ceremony, opt for a first look so you can truly relax and enjoy the full day.
  2. Gives You More Couple Photos – Having a first look means having more photos!  When you opt for a first look, you’ll do some couple portraits right after you see one another, and you’ll do them again during sunset.
  3. Gives You More Time To Enjoy Your Reception – When you opt for a first look, you opt to get the formal portraits done prior to your ceremony.  Meaning, after the ceremony you can go straight into the reception and you don’t have to miss a moment of it.  When you choose not to do a first look, you usually will spend anywhere from an hour to two hours squeezing in formal photos, missing cocktail hour.
  4. Allows For Some Private Time –  Your whole day will be filled socializing with family and friends.  Because the day is so jam packed, I highly recommend opting for a first look, as it is the only time during the day where you both with have a moment to yourselves.

If you’re considering a first look after reading this blog post, check out our post on how to have a memorable first look , how a first look can save you money, and five first look wedding ideas to use at your own wedding.

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Should You Do A First Look On Your Wedding Day?


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