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Why 90% Of Our Couples Opt For A First Look On Their Wedding Day

June 30, 2020

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The concept of a “first look” has become increasingly popular in recent years, and many couples are opting for this special moment on their wedding day. In fact, 90% of our couples opt for a first look. Here are some reasons why:

Eases the nerves

The hours before your wedding will be filled with anticipation.  You are not only trying to make sure he doesn’t catch a glimpse of you, but you’re also wondering what that moment will be like when you first see one another.  Will he like my dress? Is he going to cry? How will he react when I read my vows to him?  So many questions are left up in the air, until that moment happens – so why drag it out? When you do a first-look all that anxiety washes away the moment you see one another and you can truly enjoy that day together.

You won’t miss your reception

For couples who are hoping to enjoy the entirety of their reception, a first look might be a wonderful option to consider. Most times your formal wedding portraits are taken right after the ceremony, which means that it is very likely you will miss your cocktail hour in its entirety. By opting for a first look, your photographer will be able to capture all your formal portraits before the ceremony, which allows you to fully enjoy mingling with your guests and being present for the entirety of your reception.

Allows for more couple photographs

When you opt for a first look your photographer will have more time to capture beautiful portraits of you and your partner in a stress-free and relaxed environment. Often times your photographer will take you to various locations around your venue to add variety to your wedding gallery. When you select to see your partner for the first time at the ceremony, you run the risk of compromising not only the variety but the romantic nature of these photographs, as most couples are wanting to rush through this portion in order to not miss their cocktail hour.

Provides The Only Private Time Throughout The Day

A first-look is one of the only times throughout the day that you are truly by yourselves (minus your camera crew that is).  It’s a moment where you can be fully present with one another and express your feelings without an audience.  You can read your vows, share gifts, or just take in the moment to be alone.  Finding private time after the ceremony is not as easy as guests are vying for your time and attention.

In conclusion, this day only happens once.  If you really want to maximize the time you spend with your significant other and your guests while also getting more photographs and truly enjoying the event you paid for, I highly recommend considering a first look.  I promise you it won’t take anything away from the moment your significant other sees you walking down the aisle, and will instead alleviate any stress you have prior to the ceremony.

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