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The Secrets Behind The Best Ceremony Photos

When a moment happens once in a lifetime, you want to ensure it is expertly captured, but what you may not realize is that it also needs to be expertly planned.  Your wedding ceremony photographs are a real part of your day that needs to be thought through ahead of time in order to ensure you receive those perfect wedding ceremony photos you’ve seen on Pinterest and in magazines.  Otherwise, you leave things up to chance, which can compromise your heirloom images. Don’t worry though, in this blog post we’ll walk you through what those elements are so you can feel more than prepared for walking down the aisle.

Don’t Forget To Smile 

The truth about wedding are, you never know what’s going to happen.  Maybe your mother-in-law says something to you while you were getting ready that rubbed you the wrong way, or the wedding caterer calls to let you know they are stuck in traffic and will be running behind.  The truth of the matter is, you can’t control what happens to you moments before you walk down the aisle, so leave it behind.  This is you and your sound-to-be spouses moment, so smile – be excited and focus on this moment.  As much as we wish we could, your photographer cannot photograph ‘joy’ on a sour face. So girl, bring that joy!

Mark Where You Will Be Standing During Rehearsal

Prior to the big day, work with your planner to mark a small ‘x’ with tape on the ground for where you and your partner will be standing during the ceremony.  Make sure both your officiant and maid of honor/best man, know to nudge you to that spot if you’re not standing on it.  As a wedding photographer, it always kills me to see such a beautiful arch/ceremony set up and couples be uneven with it and each other.

Remind Your Officiant To Move For Your First Kiss

During your rehearsal, have your officiant make a note in his program to move out of the way during your first kiss.  Also let your maid of honor/best man in on this too, so they can nudge him/her in case they forget.

Face Each other During The Ceremony 

It’s pretty normal for couples to naturally face the officiant once they make it down the aisle, but that makes for photographs of your back towards your audience.  Instead, remember to face one another so your photographer can capture both of your emotions throughout the ceremony.

Walk Don’t Run Down The Aisle 

Your first kiss just happened, now it’s time to grab your bouquet from your maid of honor and run down the aisle with your partner, right? Wrong. As soon as that first kiss happens, take that bouquet from your maid of honor and face your guests for a moment, take it in and then proceed to head down the aisle.  I know your adrenalin is high, but I encourage you not to run but to walk down the aisle, hand in hand. Remember to smile, go in for a kiss when you reach the end and take this moment in.


If you want to make those ‘coming down the aisle’ photographs even more epic? Have your guests throw confetti, rice or rose petals at you as you walk down the aisle. I cannot tell you how much this adds to the excitement of the moment and makes for some absolutely stunning images. I hope these tips help you in achieving your ideal wedding ceremony photos.

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